Services Available

We are here to help you after any bumps or scrapes in your car, van or motorbike. Trust our friendly staff to help get your vehicle looking great again

Vehicle Scratch Repair

We know that even the smallest scratch can be a major irritant - Paintwork scratches could reduce the value of your vehicle, result in high return fees for lease cars or cause corrosion.

Vehicle Dent Repair

Modern car designs are becoming increasingly complex, with more curves, creases and swage lines; this can make it difficult to reshape panels after an impact. At DDV we have extensive experience in repairing dents, we have developed efficient techniques and invested in specialist tools and equipment.

Accident Damage

Fault or non fault, you have the right to have your vehicle repaired where you want. We believe in providing the best service for our customers, because being in an accident is stressful enough. We are able to deal directly with your insurance company and we only use OEM parts and high-quality materials.

Alloy Wheels Restoration

Repairing your alloy wheels can dramatically improve the appearance and value of your car, we can return your alloys back to their original finish or if you fancy a change we can repaint them a colour of your choice.

ADAS Calibration

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) help drivers avoid accidents enhancing the safety and security for the driver and other road users. Most modern vehicles are fitted with some form of ADAS; following a repair on your vehicle, it may need calibrating to ensure the effectiveness is not compromised.

Headlight Restoration

A build up of small scratches on headlights can lead to cloudiness and reduce visibility. This not only effects the appearance of your vehicle but it could be a safety hazard and even an MOT failure. We can restore your headlights to their former condition improving the appearance and effectiveness of your lights avoiding expensive replacements.