Vehicle Scratch Repair


Scratches are an unsightly and annoying part of vehicle ownership, but there’s no need to put up with scuffs and scrapes. You might be concerned about being without your car for a long period of time but the repair may take less time that you think. Some light scratches can be repaired with a compound machine polish which may take as little as an hour.

If the scratch breaks through the topcoat it would likely need a respray but depending on the type of repair (for example a bumper scuff) it may only be in the workshop for the day or overnight. Damage to large flat panels such as doors or bonnets require more time to repair but they are typically only in for 2-4 days.

When a scratch exposes the metal on a panel it can cause corrosion which can lead to much higher repair costs in the future. As we live in a country with a very wet climate corrosion can get into a panel quickly so we recommend getting these type of scratches repaired as soon as possible.

Scratches can reduce the value of your vehicle or mean high return fees for lease cars. We can repair scratches and scrapes on cars, vans, motorbikes, even HGVs and we mix our own paint in-house using computer-assisted mixing to the manufacturer’s original paint code. Our Lechler Paint system is one of the best available in the automotive market, its durable and gives excellent colour matches restoring your car to its former glory and leaving you with a repair that lasts.

Our friendly team of specialists are available to answer any questions you might have about your vehicles scratch repair and its aftercare.