Headlight Restoration


A common problem with many car headlights is that they start to turn cloudy and yellow over time. This is a result of all that mother nature throws at the headlights as you drive through rain, dirt etc. Fortunately, there's a way to bring the headlights back to their former glory! We can restore your headlights to their former condition improving the appearance and effectiveness of your lights avoiding expensive replacements. A build up of small scratches on headlights can lead to cloudiness and reduce visibility. This not only effects the appearance of your vehicle but it could be a safety hazard and even an MOT failure. New MOT rules mean headlights that are dull, yellowed or frosty can change the beam of your light and can cause your car to fail its MOT. The rule states that every lamp unit needs to be clean, clear and should allow the light to pass through unobstructed. If your headlights are yellow or hazy then this could affect the light output; anything that reduces the light output will result in a fail.